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About The Program

You can earn commissions when you refer people to The Entrepreneur’s Edge and they¬†enroll in the program.


Three Easy Steps to Receiving Paid Commissions

Step 1
Fill out the form below and we will email you a unique Ambassador Number.

Step 2
Put the number on the tickets we provide for you to our evening seminar which introduces the Entrepreneur’s Edge to others.

Also, put your Ambassador number in the email templates we provide you with, and forward them to friends and colleagues you feel would benefit from being a part of this program.

Step 3
You’ll be paid a 10% commission when the people you have referred to us join the program and pay us.

Each ‘START’ is worth approximately $100 a month or more! Refer FIVE people who enroll and you’ll receive nearly $500 a month in commissions.

By joining this program you agree to our Ambassador Referral Program Terms & Conditions.


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Complete the quick form below and we’ll email you a unique Ambassador number. We’ll also provide you with tickets and email templates you can use to share this program with others.

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