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Business Owner Coaching Programs in Southlake TXIf you’re looking for business owner coaching programs in Southlake TX, you’ve come to the right place.

Our local programs are held at our office and training facility in Southlake Texas and are conveniently located in the Southlake Town Square.

We offer solutions in over a dozen different business categories, and we have over 23 years of business coaching experience.

See the specific ways we can help you at our Individual Coaching page.

We offer TWO main coaching formats for you to choose from. Both are part of our business owner coaching programs in Southlake Texas.


Unique & Different

In our business owner coaching programs in Southlake TX,  we offer something different from most any other form of business coaching available.

Our Monday evening group includes individual coaching for each participant in addition to customized training modules.
Our private individual coaching packages are available in 3-session, 8 session, and 1-year durations.

We specialize in innovation and feature over 200 original models of business and personal development excellence.
Proven business growth models are part of our curriculum.

In addition, your coach uses a proprietary coaching process that has a proven record of creating breakthroughs and quantum leaps. This process has made some of our clients millionaires  in their own businesses.


Group Coaching & Training

Business Owner Coaching Programs in Southlake TXOne of our most popular business owner coaching programs in Southlake TX is our group coaching and training program is called The Entrepreneur’s Edge.

Sessions are held on the first and third Monday evening of every month from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM.

Each participant receives individual breakthrough coaching, plus business training on a variety of topics. Dynamic group resource building sessions are also included.

Unlike many other business owner coaching programs in Southlake TX, this program includes both individual coaching and a dynamic group learning environment. Training modules are customized especially for the participants.

To learn more about this program please see The Entrepreneur’s Edge.

It is one of the premier business owner coaching programs in Southlake TX.


More Business Owner Coaching Programs
in Southlake Texas


Individual Coaching

Another format of our programs is private coaching for individuals.

These can include private coaching sessions at our office in Southlake or over-the-phone sessions for your convenience. Sometimes a combination of both. We also provide specially customized trainings so that you and your employees can acquire the unique skills that will make a difference for the growth of your business.

These sessions may be held over the phone or in person at our office in Southlake. Handouts, suggested assignments and action steps are often included.  3-session, 8-session, and 1-year coaching packages are available.

To learn more about this coaching format please see our Individual Coaching page.

“When I first met you I was $17,000 in the red.

Within a few years of working with you and your strategies, I am having my first 7 figure year.”

Your coaching has been incredibly valuable. 

Dan J.
Real Estate Consultant

“I made $40,000 in the first month from one of the up-sell techniques you taught me.

And I’ve added a quarter of a million dollars to my yearly income.

That’s why I’ve come back for more coaching with you!

Dr. Chris Pellow
Pellow Family Chiropractic 

“I have had the pleasure of having Alex Van Buren as my coach for six months. In that time frame, I have made great strides with the goals that were set for business and pleasure. As a person in sales, my self-confidence has increased tremendously. I also find my ability to effectively speak with clients and prospective clients much simpler and with greater efficiency.

A personal habit that I thought was going to be extremely difficult has been overcome. This change has helped my health tremendously. Alex has made a huge difference in this short time frame, I look forward to accomplishing the rest of my goals very soon.”

Thersa Riddell
Real Estate Agent

Take The Next Step? 

We make it easy to get to know us and find out if we’re a good fit for you. Here are some suggested next steps:

   Learn about your coach
   Request a FREE over-the-phone Innovation Session
   Request a FREE phone consultation
   Attend an evening seminar 
   Learn about The Entrepreneur’s Edge Monday evening program 

Or give us a call right now at 972-689-3749 and let’s talk about you and your business and how we can help you.

Thank you for inquiring about our business owner coaching programs in Southlake Texas.

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