Grow Your Business


I’m a business Growth Strategist. I love helping people grow their businesses and to get rich in their own businesses.

So let’s talk for a minute about growing YOUR business.

There are 3 things that can make all the difference when it comes to growing and scaling your company.

1. Transform YOU, the business owner
2. Create and implement an innovative strategic growth plan 
3. Learn and apply business growth models to speed up and amplify growth


1. You – The Owner


It all starts with you.

A good place to start is with your goals and dreams. What do you want in your life and what do you want your business to look like in a few years from now?

You need to know WHY you want your business to be different than it is today. Why is it important to you? What do you get out of it that makes it all worth it?

I recommend stepping out and away from your office and day to day activities and getting to a quiet place. Then search deeply for what you really want, what’s important to you.

Start with your Personal Life Plan. This is something I insist that every one of my clients have.

ALL your decisions are based on this plan. What’s most important to you in your life? What’s your vision for your life and your family? What are your values and what matters most to you? What handful of things mean ‘life success’ to you?

How do you want to be more effective and productive? What do you want to improve in your own habits and patterns?

it is especially valuable for you to uncover certain patterns, beliefs, and assumptions that are holding you back. Most of these you will not be aware of. In fact, that’s why they’ve been stopping you from breaking through.

Business owners often begin experiencing amazing results very quickly once they get out of their own way.


2. Your Strategic Growth Plan & Initiatives


Growing and scaling a business can be overwhelming.

So it’s essential to create a simple yet effective plan to keep yourself focused and on track.

The importance of this plan cannot be overemphasized.

This is a 7-10 page document that lays out your goals, strategy, tactics, and methods for getting to where you want to be in your business.

What resources will be most essential? Where will you concentrate valuable and limited resources of time, money and energy?

This is NOT a typical business plan.

A typical business plan is written mainly for the purpose of raising money for the business. A growth plan, on the other hand, is focused entirely on growing the business. But it’s also about creating a vehicle, that is your business, which provides you a way to share your gift with the world. Passion streams from this kind of alignment.

Your plan should have specific targets you’re aiming at so you can track your progress on a regular basis and see what’s working and what’s not.

And it should NEVER be just about making money or having more employees or a bigger office.

It must be about your personal vision, your purpose, your gifts and sharing them with a lot more people in the world through delivering the products and services of your business.


12 Ways to Grow and Scale Your Business Quickly 


If you hone in on the right initiatives and really get them handled, you can grow your business more quickly than you might think.

Here are 12 of the best ways to grow your business fast

  1. Create and then test a sales funnel
  2. Get a good customer management system
  3. Focus on marketing and create many more lead generation methods
  4. Prepare in advance for the rush of new inquiries and customers
  5. Build a back end of additional products and services and start upselling and bundling
  6. Dive into online marketing and start using webinars, paid ads, organic search, and social media
  7. Pick an established business growth model and use it to reach a lot more people
  8. Think more strategically about your business, check out your competitors
  9. Build a big email list and email to it regularly, deliver value and build a relationship
  10. Bootstrap growth with strategic alliances and bartering for major resources you need
  11. Add some passive income streams to your business
  12. Hire a business growth coach and work with them on a regular basis


Would You Like Some Help With Any of These Things?

I can help you

  Create a personal life plan

  Create a strategic growth plan

  Increase the sales and profit of your business

  Use business growth models to create the business of your dreams

  Improve your own personal effectiveness many times over

  Make your business stronger so it thrives through any economy – including recessions

  Achieve a balance between the business and your personal life

  Turn your business into a true asset so it runs more and more without your presence.

  Become more financially free from the passive income your business generates

  Begin having more fun doing what you do and re-charge your original passion for your business

Quantum Leap
A huge, often sudden, increase or change in something.


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3. Business Growth Models


When I started my first business nearly 30 years ago, I soon realized that growing a business is a skill in and of itself.

I began the journey of learning how it was done by modeling successful business owners and learning the best business growth models.

Growth models give you access to resources beyond anything you can imagine. From years of coaching business owners, I found I constantly came back to a specific set of these Business Growth Models that were always effective. They helped my clients make huge progress often very rapidly.

I use them constantly in my own companies and in my business growth coaching for my clients.


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A business or system that is able to grow or to be made larger. Able to be made larger without requiring a proportional addition in resources like time, money, people or equipment.


A sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development. An instance of achieving success in a particular sphere or activity.