NLP Phone Coaching for Business Growth


NLP Phone Coaching for Business GrowthHello. My name is Alexander Van Buren. I specialize in providing NLP phone coaching for business growth.

If you’re familiar with NLP, then you know it can create amazing changes in people and in systems.

Are you interested in increasing your sales and lead generation? Taking your marketing to an entirely new level? Being more effective at communicating with your team and with prospects and clients?

How about putting your personal productivity and effectiveness in the realm of WOW.

I’ve been helping business owners just like you to do all these things and more using NLP phone coaching for business growth.

There are special applications and aspects of NLP that can help you grow your business more effectively than nearly any other method of business growth.


How NLP Can Help You AND Your Business Grow

NLP does something that almost no other business resource does.

It transforms the owner.

This is profound and important because of one truth. It’s simply this:

Your business is a direct reflection of you. 

When you quantum leap, so will your business.

The ONLY thing holding you back from a whole new level of business, sales, profits, and a better lifestyle is your own personal beliefs, frames, presuppositions and other structures in your map of the world.

Much of my NLP phone coaching for business growth is about finding those hidden blocks for you.

Once we’ve found them, I can help you replace them with new more positive and generative resources and patterns. This is a true method for quantum leaping your potential. And the potential of your business.

My company is called Potential To Grow for that very reason.


What Kind of Results Can You Expect? 

Using NLP phone coaching for business growth includes:

–> My proprietary NLP change process
–> Advanced positive success conditioning and mental game patterns
–> Applying 7 proven business growth models
–> Creative brainstorming and innovation sessions
–> Strategies that have been modeled from extremely successful businesses
–> My 30 years of business experience and insights from my 19 years of behavioral modeling projects

I have been able to help business owners to

  • Add over a million dollars a year to their revenue
  • Take home over a million dollars a year for the first time in their lives
  • Become financially free using their own business
  • Transform themselves and their companies, so they are stronger and build wealth for the business owner or owners

See over 20 testimonials from clients I have helped to grow their business.


My NLP Background

I am a Certified NLP Master Practitioner, trainer, innovator, and behavioral modeler.

Many years ago I invented a proprietary NLP process that helps business owners to experience breakthroughs and quantum leaps in themselves and their businesses.  This process will help you get breakthroughs

  • More frequently
  • In the areas that will make the biggest difference
  • More consistently over time

I do this process over the phone in NLP phone coaching for business growth sessions.

Here’s a more complete overview of my 23 years in NLP.


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