NLP Phone Coaching for Getting Rich

NLP Phone Coaching for Getting Rich

Use NLP to think and act like the rich

My name is Alexander Van Buren, and I offer NLP phone coaching for getting rich.

Can you really “get rich” with NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro-linguistic Programming.

23 years ago I was certified as a Master Practitioner in NLP. I trained with most of the main figures in NLP including Richard Bandler. Then, I decided to learn how to “model” something using NLP.

For my first project, I chose creativity.

I read Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks every single day for 2 years and reverse engineered Walt Disney’s actual creative syntax.

The project didn’t make me a genius. But my creativity increased significantly. I began dreaming in multiple perceptual positions and became spontaneously ambidextrous. The project so impressed me that I have been doing formal behavioral modeling projects ever since.

Companies began hiring me to model their best salespeople, referral getters and so on. Other hired me to teach their personnel the things I had modeled. These were not small businesses. They were companies doing hundreds of millions and even billions of dollars a year in sales. They include Paramount Home Entertainment, Arrow Electronics, and investment bankers George K. Baum and Company.

When I modeled the top salespeople at Bluegreen and taught the model to the company’s 50 salespeople, several of them went on to earn over a million dollars a year in take-home commission for the first time in the company’s 70 year history. And the first time in their lives.

I knew there was something very powerful about behavioral modeling with NLP.  So I began modeling all kinds of things.

In 2013 I decided to do a modeling project on “The Rich”.

I conducted a 2-year formal behavioral modeling project using NLP to model 3 extremely wealthy people.

I had been very disappointed up to that point with books and seminars that promised to teach how to “think like the rich” or how to think as millionaires do. So I wanted to model some wealthy people myself using my modeling skills from Neuro-linguistic Programming.


Get Rich On The Inside First

NLP phone coaching for getting rich

Wealth is a set of beliefs, skills, and values we possess on the inside.

The project changed how I think about money forever.

I began thinking in very different ways about money, debt, investing and more.

As a result of applying what I learned, I was able to become financially free in less than three years.

In other words, the assets I created generate more passive income than my expenses so I never have to work for money again as long as I live.

The model is heavily influenced by the thinking of Robert Kiyosaki. I consider his work to be superlative on this subject.

His rich dad taught him to think in certain ways about money, investing and other topics in very deliberate ways. Ways that are different from what most of us were taught.

The greatest thing I’ve learned from modeling the rich is that wealth is not an amount of money or even a set of assets we possess.

Wealth is a set of skills, beliefs, attitudes, and values we possess on the inside. 

Once you have them you can generate wealth forever. It’s what the rich can do that the middle class can’t.

Wealth is LITERALLY built from the inside out.

The key is to know what those specific things are and how to acquire them as quickly as possible. That’s what this model did for me.

I teach the complete set of skills, beliefs, frames, values etc. in NLP phone coaching for getting rich.

The model includes:

  • A set of 42 beliefs
  • A set of values and priorities
  • A collection of skill sets including
    • Managing money
    • Spending money
    • Investing – causing money to make money
    • Creating leverage mentally, in your plan and financially
  • A set of habits including learning how to
    • Read financial statements
    • Pay yourself first so you always have money to invest
    • Budget so you always have a surplus
    • Recognize opportunities others miss
    • Create assets out of thin air
    • Cause your assets to buy your luxuries
  • The ability to expand your reality – i.e. what is possible for you


NLP Phone Coaching for Getting Rich

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Alexander Van Buren

Business Growth Strategist, NLP Master Practitioner, Trainer & Behavioral Modeler, Harley Davidson Lover, and author of Mastering the Mental Game, I love helping people get rich on the inside using NLP, so they become wealthy on the outside. Learn more -> 



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“When I first met you I was $17,000 in the red. Within a few years of working with you and your strategies, I am having my first 7 figure year.Your coaching has been incredibly valuable.”

Dan J.
Real Estate Consultant


“I made $40,000 in the first month from one of the up-sell techniques you taught me. And I’ve added a quarter of a million dollars to my yearly income. That’s why I’ve come back for more coaching with you!

Dr. Chris Pellow
Pellow Family Chiropractic 

“Your work has been quite valuable to our investment bankers. We look forward to bringing you back for more training and consulting.”

George K. Baum & Company

“Toshiba is the world’s 17th largest corporation…thank you for helping to ensure a highly successful national sales meeting.

The combination of unique intrigue, pure entertainment, and meaningful insights into one another, helped us achieve a level of professional bonding like never before.”

David Ujita
Director of Marketing Communications, Toshiba America


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