NLP Seminars for Business Owners in Dallas


If you’re looking for NLP seminars for business owners in Dallas, you’ve come to the right place.


   Identify the limiting patterns and beliefs that are holding you back

   Learn communication strategies that will help you lead and manage with ease

   Discover modeled strategies for rapid business growth

We offer two primary seminars for you to attend. They both involve the use of advanced NLP strategies, patterns, and language to help business owners break through to new levels of sales, profits, and personal productivity.

The Business Breakthrough Workshop

NLP Seminars for Business Owners in DallasThis is a dynamic evening workshop packed with NLP change patterns and individual NLP coaching.

This is a great way to experience what NLP can do to help you get breakthroughs in yourself and your business.

And why NLP is such an extraordinary resource when it comes to growing your business and being a better leader and entrepreneur.

At this evening seminar you will:

  • Discover new innovative ways to look at yourself and your business
  • Experience a proprietary NLP coaching process for achieving breakthroughs
  • Learn about our ongoing business growth programs
  • Learn about modeled strategies that give business owners quantum leaps
  • Raise your level of personal productivity on the spot
  • Learn generative NLP patterns and beliefs for becoming rich in your own business


The Entrepreneur’s Edge

NLP Seminars for Business Owners in DallasOf all our NLP seminars for business owners in Dallas, this one is the most popular.

It is an ongoing training and coaching program that combines NLP coaching with business growth models to help you put your business on a whole new level.

This seminar has added over a million dollars in sales to some businesses and caused some business owners to start taking home over a million dollars a year in take-home pay.


Upcoming Seminars 

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