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What are the biggest problems you’re struggling with right now in your business?

One helpful way to approach issues in your business is to first identify what category your most pressing problem(s) are in:

Note that the categories below are potential problems in a business, not the owner, which we’ll cover on our Improve Your Effectiveness page.

Here are several main categories and some of the symptoms that go with each one:

   Marketing: Not enough leads, wrong kinds of leads, only 1 way to get leads

   Sales: Low conversion rate from lead to customer, inconsistent sales volume

   Systems: Growing so fast you can’t keep up, always putting out fires

   Strategy: Losing business to the competition

   Leverage: Doing too much of it all yourself, not enough leverage, not delegating enough

   Management: People issues, performance issues, hiring better people, training

   Growth: The business isn’t scalable. Lack of leverage. You have to work more if it grows

   Cash Flow: Low profit. Expenses are eating up too much of your profit. Cash shortfalls.

    Innovation: Not enough products or services, one trick pony

    Service: Too many complaints or returns, client attrition

    Planning: Lack of direction, industry changes or economy throw you off course



Some Business Problem Solving Tips

It can be very helpful to solve problems in your business the way a doctor diagnoses a health issue.

Imagine you’re a doctor and that you have to diagnose your business problem based on the specific set of symptoms that are presenting themselves.

First, list the symptoms you’re experiencing on paper. Concentrate on identifying the exact problem and what area of your business it is in.  Don’t try to solve just ONE problem in your business. This is a common mistake. They’re often overlapping and are interrelated.

Noticing how a few things are causing multiple problems and how it’s all related can give you an amazing insight into your business and the problem at hand.

Get a deeper insight into what is causing each one of the symptoms you’re experiencing. What one, two or three things could be causing each one?

It’s also helpful to use formal problem-solving techniques on the set of symptoms you’re experiencing. The most important thing is to get to the CAUSES of the problems or issues – and then create a systemic solution that fixes it forever.

Remember, never assume there is just one cause. In fact, assume there are a handful of things causing all the issues in your business. And your job is to find out what those set of things are.

Once you do that, you’re 90% home.


The Solution

To get to the solution, ask yourself what could possibly cause all of these issues. Consider that multiple causes could be in play.

Another very useful tool is to ask ‘counter questions’.

For example:  What if we had plenty of leads? Would everything be ok or would we still have some of these symptoms?

Once you identify the causes of your problem, focus energy and resources on how to address ALL the causes.

Go over the top to make sure you cover every one of the causes contributing to the issue. Otherwise, you could plug 1 or 2 leaks and yet still be losing water so to speak.

If you don’t have the resources necessary to remedy all the things causing problems in your business, then it’s time for a resource generating session. You simply need to identify and then gain access to the resources you need. You may need to apply unusual or out of the ordinary methods to get those resources.


My Single BEST Recommendation 

Stop trying to solve it all yourself.

One of the most important things you can do as a business owner is to create the habit of getting other people to help you solve your most pressing problems and challenges.

It’s amazing how people can help you once you truly become open to receiving help. A whole new world of resources opens up.

In fact, I want to offer you a 45 minute FREE problem solving phone-coaching session with me. There’s NO cost NO obligation. NO sales pitches.  Get your FREE problem-solving innovation session right now.



see problems as just another way to prove themselves.



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